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Finding Balance: How to Pair Mortgage Technology with Human Support to Drive Homeownership in Your Community

With long-lasting ties to their communities and strong relationships with their members, credit unions have a massive opportunity to act as supportive guides to those seeking homeownership. Want to earn repeat and referral business, while increasing access to homeownership in your community? Dive into this eBook created in partnership with nonprofit credit union trade association ACUMA.

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The Clear to Close podcast from Maxwell is your ticket to being a better mortgage professional everyday. Enjoy!

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Blog Posts

Maxwell’s Bryan Traeger Named 2024 HousingWire Rising Star

We're thrilled to announce that Bryan Traeger, Maxwell's Managing Director of Corporate Development, has been named a 2024 Rising Star by HousingWire. HousingWire's Rising Star program celebrates the next generation of leaders in mortgage and real estate who have demonstrated rapid career growth and an ability to lead.

Blog Posts

3 Ways the NAR Settlement Will Impact Mortgage Lenders

The recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement, requiring $480 million to be paid and changing rules that impact home buying and selling, has sparked discussions about the future of real estate transactions. How will this landmark decision impact the mortgage industry and the way lenders connect with and serve borrowers?

Blog Posts

3 Major Takeaways from ICE Experience 2024

Didn't get to attend ICE this year? Don't worry: The Maxwell team spent a lot of time talking to lenders, industry leaders, and vendors at the show. We excitedly shared ideas for making the most of today's changing market—but mostly, we listened. Here's what our team learned.

Blog Posts

How to Ready Your Business to Capture This Year’s Fluctuating Loan Volume

Whether the industry reaches a new equilibrium in 2024 or merely begins the journey to recovery is uncertain. Still, lenders can bank on one non-negotiable fact this year: Pent-up demand does exist in the market, with many potential home buyers viewing 2024 as the year they’ll take action.

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