Maxwell Capital

Secondary market access to power your margins

Lenders serving America’s communities need to generate higher margins and provide better rates to compete. Acting as a dedicated investor, Maxwell Capital offers scale and expanded access to the secondary market for small to midsize lenders. 

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Introducing Maxwell Capital

Maxwell Capital is a better way to sell your loans on the secondary market. Working as a dedicated partner, Maxwell Capital provides lenders on Maxwell’s point of sale scale and benefits previously reserved for large industry players. With Maxwell Capital, lenders gain access to a new kind of investor, backed by the latest technology and industry expertise to decrease trading time, streamline the process, and create a more consistent experience for you and your borrower. Plus, our experienced staff helps you increase capacity and reduce fixed costs in your loan process.

Reliable & fast
turn times

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75+ years’


Access dedicated industry veterans

Deep expertise

Benefit from Maxwell Capital’s tenured leadership, with over 75 years of mortgage experience.

Accessible support

Reach our readily available support team for help with your secondary needs.

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Leverage data to make intelligent decisions faster

Better pricing

Lenders using Maxwell’s point of sale enable Maxwell Capital to provide competitive, faster pricing.


Access an enhanced lender experience and a faster loan quality review time with dynamic data analysis.

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