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How to Ready Your Business to Capture This Year’s Fluctuating Loan Volume

Whether the industry reaches a new equilibrium in 2024 or merely begins the journey to recovery is uncertain. Still, lenders can bank on one non-negotiable fact this year: Pent-up demand does exist in the market, with many potential home buyers viewing 2024 as the year they’ll take action.

Blog Posts

3 Mortgage Market Predictions Backed by Maxwell Data

What lies ahead in 2024? We asked the mortgage experts at Maxwell to weigh in on what Q4's data can tell us about the current market, including how trends seen in Q4 2023 should impact lender strategy moving forward.

eBooks & White Papers

Maxwell Q4 2023 Mortgage Lending Report

Maxwell Q4 2023 data reveals the beginnings of recovery, with loan volume showing year-over-year gains for the first time in the current market cycle. This reversal is significant, signaling a glimmer of hope that we’ll see growth going into 2024’s spring selling season.

Blog Posts

The Key to 2024 Profitability? Aggressively Reducing Fixed Costs

To succeed this year, consider a sustainable growth strategy that scales your operations in proportion to loan volume. Here, your priority is to minimize fixed costs while building agility into your business, allowing you to grow strategically and sustainably.

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