Secondary Markets

Access economic scale to drive better margins

Lenders today need speed and agility to capture the volume of available loans. With Maxwell Capital, our secondary market solution, lenders experience a new kind of investor. Backed by technology and led by industry veterans, Maxwell Capital helps you unlock faster, more competitive pricing to power your business growth.

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A secondary market experience designed for local lenders

Maxwell Capital was built for lenders who trade $100 million to $5 billion each year and aim to benefit from the economies of scale our network can deliver. We enable lenders on our platform to remain competitive by offering benefits and scale previously reserved for large industry players.

Decrease trading time

Using technology and real-time data analysis, Maxwell Capital is able to offer faster, higher quality pricing to lenders on our point of sale. In turn, lenders can pass meaningful rate improvements on to their borrowers and to their bottom line.

Meaningful basis points added on each loan sold to Maxwell Capital

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Create a more consistent, transparent process

Maxwell Capital provides a review of loan quality in record time, creating consistent workflow from trade execution through settlement and producing dependable outcomes for lenders and their borrowers.

Build your lending business

In combination with Maxwell’s existing scale, Maxwell Capital enables lenders on our platform to expand their scale and access to the secondary market. As a result, lenders add a meaningful tool to their arsenal to better compete against large industry players. 

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Rely on industry experts

Maxwell Capital’s tenured leadership holds over 50 years of collective mortgage experience. Combined with our dedicated support team, they ensure your lending team leverages the technology and secondary market access they need to thrive.