Ep 040: How to Drive Referral Business in 2024’s Competitive Mortgage Market

No one knows exactly what lies ahead this year, but one thing is clear: 2024’s market will remain competitive, with make-or-break economic factors influencing recovery and lenders scrambling for profitability amid evolving challenges. One headline set to impact the market is ongoing trouble brewing in the commercial real estate sector: As assets continue to underperform and major debt comes due, impacts will trickle into the housing market and economy in general. Here to talk through this major event is Michael Malone, owner of Malone Bunting Real Estate Group and a long-time real estate agent and industry expert.

Along with giving his thoughts on the commercial real estate space—and its possible impact on residential markets—Michael speaks with host Bryan Traeger on what it will take for loan officers to win valuable referral business from real estate agents this year.

Specifically, Michael and Bryan cover:

  • Why it’s vital for lenders to double down on lead generation to ensure success today
  • The importance of relationship-based referral business in a challenging, changing market
  • Actionable tips loan officers can use to become the go-to lending resource for real estate agents
  • The right way to communicate with real estate agents to earn long-term business (hint: don’t rely on technology too much)

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