Generate more loans and happier loan officers

Over 275 lenders choose Maxwell to enable team efficiency, improve loan officer retention, and boost ROI. Our technology offloads manual tasks and pulls borrowers through the loan process, allowing you to attract top industry talent and unlock sales productivity.  

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Maxwell powers lender growth

We leverage modern technology to give lenders across America the ability to win against the largest industry players. Our suite of mortgage solutions work to make mortgage teams more effective, more competitive, and ultimately more profitable. With solutions that address the entire mortgage process and over $175 billion in loan volume facilitated to-date, Maxwell is your trusted technology ally.

Recruit and retain top producers

Happy LOs mean more loans for your business. Maxwell’s point-of-sale technology gives loan officers the power to close more loans by spending less time on operational tasks and more time keeping borrowers satisfied.

15% more loans closed per month by LOs on Maxwell

Stylized screenshot of the Maxwell app showing Loan Status: Submitted to Underwriting and another with Loan Status: Getting Started. There is a number of Tasks, Documents, and Messages.
Stylized screenshot of the Maxwell app showing Prefill my loan application with a start screen and a place for Zip Code and Last 4 SSN.

Improve the borrower and real estate agent experience

Maxwell’s technology streamlines the lending experience, reducing complexity and speeding borrowers through the process while keeping agent partners in tune. Our faster, simpler experience translates to an average 91% loan application submission rate, with an over 30% decline in underwriting resubmissions. 

13+ days saved from application to clear to close

Increase loan capacity and operating efficiency

Maxwell Fulfillment offers 100% onshore processing, underwriting, closing, and QC at offshore pricing. Our team of experienced processors, underwriters, and closers acts as an extension of yours, allowing you to better manage your fixed costs, expand your channels, and diversify your product mix. 

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Access competitive, faster pricing 

With Maxwell Capital, point-of-sale customers gain access to a new kind of investor offering competitive, faster pricing. The result is better rates and the improved margins for you to scale your business.