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Finding Balance: How to Pair Mortgage Technology with Human Support to Drive Homeownership in Your Community

With long-lasting ties to their communities and strong relationships with their members, credit unions have a massive opportunity to act as supportive guides to those seeking homeownership. Want to earn repeat and referral business, while increasing access to homeownership in your community? Dive into this eBook created in partnership with nonprofit credit union trade association ACUMA.

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3 Mortgage Market Predictions Backed by Maxwell Data

What lies ahead in 2024? We asked the mortgage experts at Maxwell to weigh in on what Q4's data can tell us about the current market, including how trends seen in Q4 2023 should impact lender strategy moving forward.

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The Clear to Close podcast from Maxwell is your ticket to being a better mortgage professional everyday. Enjoy!

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Customer Stories

Knock leverages Maxwell Fulfillment’s flexible processing services to power its innovative lending solutions

Knock’s innovative lending solutions empower borrowers to reimagine the home buying and selling process. Products such as the Knock Bridge Loan, which alleviates the stress of a tight buying and selling timeline, give borrowers a strong advantage in today’s competitive market. To help power its offerings, Knock partners with Maxwell Fulfillment. By accessing Maxwell Fulfillment’s scalable, outsourced resources, Knock is able to increase its loan processing capacity without adding fixed costs, helping it better serve home buyers with its unique products.

Customer Stories

Homeowners Financial Group partners with Maxwell to facilitate a top borrower experience

To facilitate personalized lending experiences, Homeowners leverages Maxwell Point of Sale. With streamlining functionality and a suite of features built for modern borrower needs, Maxwell Point of Sale helps the Homeowners team deliver an efficient mortgage process that brings the human element back to home buying.

Customer Stories

theLender partners with Maxwell to meet borrower needs with diverse loan offerings

To deliver for its customers while growing market share and building a profitable business, theLender leverages Maxwell Point of Sale and Processor Edge technology. Together, these solutions help theLender team increase efficiency, drive more sales, and serve its growing customer base a modern, customized experience.

Customer Stories

FGMC increased efficiencies for average submission to decision time by 87% with Maxwell

FGMC is taking on more loan volume without sacrificing top-notch borrower experience through its strategic partnership with Maxwell. By collaborating with Maxwell, FGMC realized an 87% increase in efficiencies for average submission to decision time on VA IRRRLs from Q3 2020 to Q1 2021. The underwriting resources Maxwell provided helped to lower average submission to decision time on VA IRRRLs to less than a day.

Customer Stories

Modern Home Lending increased closed loans by 79% with Maxwell Point of Sale

Modern Home Lending is growing quickly—from 2019 to 2020, it saw a 79% increase in its closed loans. Still, the team remains highly focused on supporting its customers, specifically in meeting their diverse needs through an accessible lending process. To achieve that goal, Modern Home Lending leverages Maxwell solutions to give flexibility and options to its borrowers and growing team.

Customer Stories

CLM Mortgage collects documents in minutes, enabling high producers to thrive

When CLM sought out a technology-forward mortgage solution, its team knew it needed a provider that would support top service. In Maxwell, the CLM lending team found a partner that solved its biggest pain point: quickly and effortlessly collecting and managing documents for a streamlined borrower experience.

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