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Homeowners Financial Group partners with Maxwell to facilitate a top borrower experience


Increase in loan file speed from application to processing

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80% of highest performers using Maxwell Point of Sale named Top 1% Loan Officers by

Homeowners Financial Group holds a deep passion for serving individual borrower needs. From application to closing, Homeowners empowers its clients with a transparent, intuitive process that pairs best-in-class technology with people-led support. To facilitate personalized lending experiences, Homeowners leverages Maxwell Point of Sale. With streamlining functionality and a suite of features built for modern borrower needs, Maxwell Point of Sale helps the Homeowners team deliver an efficient mortgage process that brings the human element back to home buying.

How Maxwell helps Homeowners Financial Group


Integrate leading point-of-sale technology that wows borrowers from the first touchpoint


Empower Homeowners team members to automate busy work, allowing them to focus on borrower support and higher-ROI tasks


Gain an aligned partner open to feedback, committed to transparency, and invested in shared success


Homeowners Financial Group uses Maxwell Point of Sale to drive a technology-powered lending process that incorporates personal support and service at each step. Automated functions eliminate hassle for both borrowers and lending team members, while unique features such as Maxwell’s Spanish-language loan application cater to a wide array of home buyer demographics.

With aligned values and goals, Homeowners and Maxwell act as true partners to drive growth for the Homeowners business and better outcomes for the communities Homeowners serves.

Bill Rogers
President & CEO, Homeowners Financial Group

“The efficiency of Maxwell allows us to focus where it matters most—spending time understanding and supporting the dreams of our clients.”

—Bill Rogers, President & CEO

For nearly two decades, Homeowners Financial Group has dedicated itself to building a better, more supportive mortgage process. With a focus on both company culture and borrower experience, Homeowners sets itself apart by elevating the human aspect of home buying while integrating technology to streamline the process. Its commitment to service has led to numerous industry awards, including Inc.’s Best Workplaces, Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators, and more. 

“Our philosophy is that the client experience starts at the first touchpoint and extends every step of the way,” comments Brandon Durham, Director of Learning and Development. “From the initial engagement and interaction with our online application site to closing on the property, we aim to offer an individualized level of service that honors each borrower’s unique needs.”

Technology that supports a service-led process

A large part of making that supportive journey a reality is the technology that underpins Homeowners’ operations. Prior to leveraging Maxwell, Homeowners’ point-of-sale provider failed to deliver the intuitive, tech-led experience they sought. Instead of saving time and adding efficiency, the technology required manual supervision and created repetitive tasks.

“There was no fluid aspect,” recounts Brandon. “Instead of empowering our team, it called for tedious oversight and lacked the exciting new features and enhancements we knew existed in the marketplace.”

Homeowners’ search for a technology provider led them to Maxwell Point of Sale. Offering features designed for an enhanced borrower experience such as mobile-first functionality and QuickApply™, which automatically pre-fills application fields, Maxwell technology provides a modern, user-friendly interface. Plus, robust integrations and customization mean Homeowners can personalize the mortgage process to suit their clients’ lending needs.

“Because we recognize that the borrowers we work with range widely in their financial realities, lending needs, and support preferences, configurability is vital to us,” explains Kris Salmons, LOS Manager. “From white labeling to customizable loan app templates, Maxwell technology gives us the flexibility we need to offer a memorable experience tailored to each client.”

Features designed for lending team & borrower success

Since partnering with Maxwell, Homeowners has seen measurable improvements to its lending process, both in efficiency and team performance. When gauging turn times, Homeowners found that loan files move from application to submit to processing 38% faster when facilitated through HFG Go, the branded rendition of Maxwell Point of Sale. Homeowners similarly saw uplifts in the high-ROI work its team has been able to undertake, with 4 out of 5 of its best performers using Maxwell Point of Sale named to the prestigious, nationwide Top 1% Loan Officers list by

“With Maxwell Point of Sale, we’ve found a technology that’s efficient at what it’s set up to do,” Kris says. “Because it works like it’s supposed to, adoption across our team continues to grow.”

Within Maxwell’s suite of features, Homeowners has found exceptional value in functionalities designed to help it connect with growing borrower demographics. Specifically, Maxwell’s Spanish-language loan application—which offers a fully-translated loan app, from landing page to submission—has proven beneficial in many of the communities Homeowners serves.

“With Spanish speakers set to represent over half of new homeowners by 2030, it’s vital to cater to this audience, both to drive pipeline and to meaningfully facilitate homeownership,” Brandon comments. “Since our lending footprint is in many markets with large Hispanic populations, we’ve found Maxwell’s Spanish-language loan app to be invaluable. This feature gives our LOs a necessary tool to connect and engage with a rising home buyer segment.”

More than a tech provider

Beyond the feature set Maxwell Point of Sale offers, Homeowners values the longstanding partnership it has forged with the Maxwell team. Because of its strong emphasis on company values, Homeowners knew it needed a provider invested in shared success, with an eye towards innovation and a commitment to bettering the mortgage ecosystem.

“We wanted to find true partners, not just a SaaS-based platform we’d plug into our production element and let run,” Brandon comments. “We wanted to be actively engaged, part of the conversation, part of roadmap discussions, included in decisions being made. We were seeking an entity that allowed us a seat at the table. I feel very strongly that we have that with Maxwell.”

As a part of the partnership, Maxwell and Homeowners stakeholders meet regularly to collaborate on goals, issues, and priorities. While these conversations sometimes include challenging topics, Maxwell’s commitment to constructive, fruitful communication allows Homeowners to trust that problems will be tackled in a proactive, professional manner.

“There’s a shared value structure between our two organizations,” Brandon explains. “We believe in an open door, that anyone should be able to walk into the CEO’s office and give feedback: good, bad, or indifferent. Our interactions with senior leaders at Maxwell reflect that same transparency.”

A commitment to industry-leading innovation

As Homeowners looks towards the future, it plans to continue to prioritize technology that creates an accessible, inclusive experience for its clients. And just as importantly, it plans to continue to view technology as a tool that augments rather than replaces the people in the process, empowering its team to deliver industry-leading service and support. 

“At Homeowners Financial Group, every transaction is a testament to our deep commitment to families,” says Bill Rogers, President and CEO. “The efficiency of Maxwell allows us to focus where it matters most—spending time understanding and supporting the dreams of our clients. While technology helps to pave our path, it’s the families we serve that drive our purpose.”

“We’re an organization that has a culture of learning and innovation,” adds Brandon. “As mortgage technology becomes more efficient and feature rich, it’s important for us to partner with a forward-looking company like Maxwell. We’re excited to work alongside the Maxwell team to continually improve our process, effectively introduce new features to our employees and customers, and better support homeownership in the communities we serve.”

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