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FGMC increased efficiencies for average submission to decision time by 87% with Maxwell


Increased efficiencies for average submission to decision time for VA IRRRLs

<1 day

Average submission to decision time for VA IRRRLs

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation (FGMC) is taking on more loan volume without sacrificing top-notch borrower experience through its strategic partnership with Maxwell. By collaborating with Maxwell, FGMC realized an 87% increase in efficiencies for average submission to decision time on VA IRRRLs from Q3 2020 to Q1 2021. The underwriting resources Maxwell provided helped to lower average submission to decision time on VA IRRRLs to less than a day.

How Maxwell helped FGMC


Maintain top service standards with a borrowers-first ethos


Ramp up loan production to capture more available volume in the market


Remain agile by adding fulfillment ability without fixed overhead costs


By leveraging the Maxwell Fulfillment team of accredited underwriters, FGMC has been able to ramp up its loan production, exceeding the firm’s volume goals while continuing to provide the best service on their VA IRRRLs.

Sarah Gonzalez

“Maxwell values trust and rapport with its customers. That is crucial for FGMC in all of our partners.”

—Sarah Gonzalez, COO, FGMC

When FGMC faced sky-high loan volume in 2020, they knew they needed a solution that would work with their processes and help them retain the service standards their customers had come to expect. A part of scaling their business was finding ways to ramp up loan production when excess volume flooded the market. At the same time, they wanted to remain agile, adding fulfillment ability without fixed overhead costs.

Company leaders like Sarah Gonzalez, COO, saw a clear fit in outsourced fulfillment. Outsourcing would help them take on more loans almost immediately while allowing their team to focus on serving customers and other high-value tasks. Still, they needed to ensure that the provider they chose would fit with their borrower-first company culture and integrate seamlessly into their team.

Selecting a fulfillment partner

Their search for an outsourcing provider hinged on several non-negotiable factors: They wanted a partner that integrated with FGMC’s Maverick culture, was flexible to meet their unique needs, and could work as an extension of their own staff.

“One of the biggest things that matters to me in an outsourcing partnership is being able to work with people who have earned my business,” said Sarah Gonzalez. “Selecting a fulfillment provider that values trust and rapport with its customers is crucial.”

Ultimately, FGMC chose Maxwell Fulfillment to work on VA IRRRL wholesale and non-delegated files. They made their decision based on Maxwell’s ability to fulfill loans quickly and accurately—but also because of Maxwell’s company values.

”When it comes to client relationships at Maxwell, we embrace a partnership mentality that takes into account the unique goals and challenges of each customer,” said Amy Jo Plummer, Maxwell’s VP of Strategic Client Group. “We work closely with lending teams from day one to understand exactly what they’re looking to achieve through our fulfillment solutions so we can create a workflow customized to their business success.”

FGMC leadership was struck by Maxwell’s drive to deeply understand their company prerogatives, which allowed the firm to tailor fulfillment services to their needs. Through a process of close communication, quick onboarding, and ongoing feedback, FGMC got up to speed fast, helping them meet their customers’ needs.

Leveraging Maxwell for a better lending experience

Over time, FGMC’s integration with the Maxwell Fulfillment team of accredited underwriters has allowed the company to ramp up its loan production. In Q1 2021, FGMC exceeded the firm’s volume goals and utilized a strategic partnership with Maxwell to provide the best service on their VA IRRRLs. Maxwell’s underwriters, having participated in FGMC’s training, continue to hone their efficiency by regularly soliciting feedback and continuing to learn FGMC guidelines and systems.

By fully integrating into the FGMC team, Maxwell has allowed the firm to deliver a better experience for their borrowers and broker partners. Since partnering with Maxwell, FGMC has continued to lower turn times and live out their wholesale mission of “helping brokers keep their promises.” Maxwell aided in that effort by helping FGMC maintain contractual service levels, supporting FGMC’s emphasis on maintaining a reliable, trustworthy reputation in the industry.

While loan volume won’t always reach 2020’s highs, Sarah continues to see strong value in FGMC’s collaboration with Maxwell. Specifically, she appreciates Maxwell’s focus on forward-thinking product development and continual improvement based on customer feedback.

“Whether we’re talking about fulfillment or point of sale, Maxwell is always innovating,” said Sarah. “That’s extremely attractive when you’re looking for company partnerships. You want to make sure you’re working with people who are innovative, being creative, and finding solutions no one else is thinking about.”

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