Introducing Clear to Close, Your New Favorite Mortgage Podcast!

As the content manager here at Maxwell, I’m always eager to find new ways to captivate your attention and challenge you to think about things differently. Though I’m a writer by trade and a visual learner to boot, my 30-minute daily walking commute has fostered my obsession with podcasts because the format challenges my brain to consume information in a different way and thus, I engage with the material differently.

Much thought, effort, and painstaking research goes into our eBooks, but I’m aware that the process of reading our eBooks requires careful attention and a focused mind. But Maxwell is all about the personal; our ethos is all about elevating our humanity. You know better than anyone that it’s the personal, the human, the small moments of empathy, that make this industry what it is. In keeping with that, our content team has decided to bring you a new, more human content format to complement our written work and stimulate your mind in a different way.

We’re so excited to unveil our new mortgage podcast, Clear to Close! Hosted by our Head of Growth, Alan Parris, and our Head of Partnerships, Bryan Traeger, each episode of Clear to Close dives deep into topics impacting the mortgage world, with interviews with industry thought leaders and an unbiased, no-BS view of the industry today.

mortgage podcast

A few more things before we get to the fun part:

  • New episodes of Clear to Close will be dropping once a month, so be sure to subscribe at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, or wherever you get your podcasts.
  • We always prioritize providing value rather than trying to sell to you in our content, so while Clear to Close is powered by Maxwell, it will never be a Maxwell sales pitch.

Without further ado, stream episode one of Clear to Close now!

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