8 Sales Resources Every Loan Officer Needs to Read

To be a successful loan officer, you have to be a successful salesperson. Improving your sales skills will help you stand out in a competitive market, connect with the most desirable borrowers, and, ultimately, crush your sales goals!

Though you may not feel you have time for intense sales training, there are plenty of resources out there with quick tips. We’ve scoured the web for the seven best sales resources every lender needs to read. Some of our recommendations offer content very specific to loan officers, while others have more general sales wisdom. Whether you’re an experienced loan originator or just starting your career in the mortgage lending industry, these resources can provide some helpful sales tips.

The next time you need a 30-minute break between other tasks, take the time to peruse these sites. You may develop a totally new sales strategy, or get a tip that lands your next borrower!


1. Rob Chrisman’s Mortgage News Daily

You can’t be a great salesperson without knowing what’s going on in the industry. I’d be surprised if you’re not already subscribed to this one, but Rob Chrisman’s newsletter and daily blog, Daily Mortgage News should be your first stop for keeping on top of the latest in the mortgage world. And don’t miss his monthly column for STRATMOR Group, Rob Chrisman’s Perspectives.


2.  The Loan Officer Hub Blog

The Loan Officer Hub website promises to be a “one-stop shop for everything a loan officer needs”. While the whole site is a great resource, the blog, specifically, offers frequent content with action-oriented sales strategies, broken down into a few different helpful sections for easy navigation. Peruse posts about social media, consumer strategies, and growing your referrals.


3.  Edgy Conversations

Feeling low and need a boost of inspiration? Let Dan Waldschmidt help. A world-renowned speaker and business leader, Waldschmidt claims to be “obsessed” with success. His blog, Edgy Conversations, has been named one of the top sales sites in the world by The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, and Business Insider. Blog posts offer advice for those pursuing “awesomeness” in sales, and in life – something Waldschmidt himself is very passionate about.


4.  The Sales Blog

If you want to start each morning with a new sales tip, head to The Sales Blog. Entrepreneur and sales leader Anthony Iannarino posts new content geared towards salespeople every single day on his site, and most are no more than a two-minute read. Many posts include video as well. His posts range from sales strategies to sales team management to advice on “How to Become a Hustler”.


5.  Alen Mayer Blog

Alen Mayer is well known as one the world’s most influential salespeople.

He currently leads a global sales training company and claims to take a no-nonsense approach to sales. His niche? As his site states, he’s, “the world’s #1 authority on selling for and to introverts”.

Mayer’s blog offers easily digestible and to-the-point nuggets of sales wisdom straight from the sales leader himself. They often touch on introvert-specific strategies, and definitely tell it like it is. For example, one post is titled “Cold Calling Sucks, But it Works!”.


6.  Top Originator Secrets

We’re not sure Brian Sacks’ tips for loan originators are totally “top secret”, but they’re certainly top notch! Sacks, a mortgage industry expert, has a wealth of content on his site, including new blog posts every few days plus a library of videos. His writing is very casual, and all posts are quick reads, making it a good resource for when you only have a few minutes.


7. Loan Officer Freedom with Carl White

If you think you may not have time to read any of the blogs we recommended above, this could be the answer for you. Listening to podcasts is a great way to pass the time during your commute, while you’re on the treadmill, or if you happen to be eating alone one day during your lunch break.

Carl White, the founder of Mortgage Marketing Animals, has been a successful loan officer ever since he got his start in the industry almost 20 years ago. His podcast provides strategies for loan officers to grow their businesses and close more loans without working more hours. He is big on efficiency and productivity!

While White serves as the host, every episode of his podcast has at least one guest join in with their advice as well.  Guests may include other successful loan officers, such as frequent guest Brian Heckman, or other industry professionals who bring a different perspective. For example, one great episode on retaining previous clients featured guest James Borden, a Mortgage Client Retention Strategist.


8. Clear to Close

And while we’re on the podcast front, don’t mind us while plug our own podcast, Clear to Close. We’re preeeeetty biased but we work hard to bring you unfiltered, high-quality mortgage industry content. New episodes drop monthly, so be sure to subscribe.

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