Transform Your Secondary Market Experience with Maxwell Capital

In today’s market, local and regional lenders need speed and agility to capture the volume of available loans. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Maxwell Capital, our latest offering designed exclusively for the lending teams that serve America’s communities. This solution will provide the hundreds of lenders on our digital mortgage platform additional access to the secondary market by acting as a dedicated investor.

A new kind of investor

Leveraging scale and deep industry expertise, Maxwell Capital allows small and midsize lenders to compete against the industry’s largest players. It achieves this by giving lenders on Maxwell’s point of sale access to a new kind of investor, backed by technology to provide transformative benefits, including:

—Decreased time on warehouse lines

—Consistent workflow from trade execution through settlement

—Dependable outcomes for lenders

—Competitive rates that delight borrowers

Plus, our point of sale’s machine learning and automation dramatically improve the quality of loans being processed, allowing for quicker decision-making that saves your business time and money.

“Lenders serving communities across the country face an enormous challenge in competing against the largest lenders who have the technology and the scale to generate higher margins that deliver competitive rates to borrowers,” said Maxwell Co-founder and CEO John Paasonen.

“We built Maxwell Capital to create a faster and more transparent experience, allowing us to share those benefits with the hundreds of lenders using Maxwell today. This type of partnership approach is rare, and it’s one more way we’re giving lenders a financial edge to compete.”

Backed by industry expertise

Sadie Gurley, who joined Maxwell earlier in 2021 following a tenured career at Goldman Sachs, Fortress and Marathon, will lead Maxwell Capital. Together, the Maxwell Capital leadership team holds over 50 years of industry tenure, providing deep experience and guidance to lenders.

Maxwell Capital is the latest addition to our expanding suite of solutions designed for local lenders. With this new offering, Maxwell now addresses the entire mortgage lending process from from point of sale intake of application and loan processing to quality control and the secondary market. At each step, we aim to arm lending teams with the technology-powered solutions they need to offload time-consuming manual work, improve efficiency, and increase access to economic scale.

We’re thrilled to extend this new solution and can’t wait to see how it helps you grow your business.

Click here to learn more about Maxwell Capital.

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