The Millennial Playbook

Millennials make up today’s largest share of homebuyers, with a massive buying power that won’t fade any time soon. If lenders want to succeed, they need to earn millennial business.

To reach these potential customers, you’ll need to learn their financial needs, dispel the myths, and create a tailored plan. In this comprehensive guide (written by a millennial!), we offer researched-backed ways to reach, connect with, and earn the trust of the next big generation of homebuyers.


  • 6 ways to adapt your lending practices to capture millennial business
  • The latest research on millennial pain points, goals, and challenges
  • How millennials approach the homebuying process differently than other generations
  • Actionable ways to rise above shallow stereotypes and patronizing marketing
  • Why millennials crave human interaction in the mortgage process

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“Above all, utilize technology to deepen the human relationships involved in the process. Millennials want easy, convenient access to their real estate agent and loan officer when they need it.”

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