Meet Jim Smith, Maxwell Diligence Senior VP and 2022 HousingWire Vanguard

We’re thrilled to announce that Maxwell Diligence SVP Jim Smith has been named a 2022 HousingWire Vanguard for his work leading, growing, and innovating Maxwell’s QC and due diligence solution. The HousingWire Vanguard program honors mortgage leaders who move the industry forward through meaningful initiatives, products, and services. Vanguard award winners come from diverse backgrounds, but their work is similar in that it creates a lasting impact on the housing and mortgage lending sectors.

A Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) with over 30 years of experience, Jim channels his customer-first ethos and passion for innovation into heading up Maxwell Diligence. Since he began leading the solution, Jim has grown its client base, improved its efficiency, and dramatically increased employee engagement and utilization.

“I’m honored to receive the HousingWire Vanguard recognition this year,” commented Jim. “This award is an incredible validation of all the hard work that’s gone into making Maxwell Diligence the high-quality, reliable solution it is today.”

A partnership-first mentality

A major reason Jim has found success in leading Maxwell Diligence is his partnership-based, consultative approach. To improve how Maxwell Diligence operates, for instance, Jim regularly solicits feedback from clients to shape the solution and the technology it leverages.

“Recently, a client came to us asking for a more seamless way to upload file packages for review,” recounted Jim. “After digging into the issue, we realized that a direct integration with Encompass would help to ingest automated files from the client far more quickly and easily.”

By working with Maxwell’s product and engineering teams, Jim was able to facilitate this new integration, which was later rolled out to other Maxwell Diligence clients as a major value-add. Efforts such as these ensure Maxwell Diligence aligns to the real-world ways lenders leverage the solution and provides value in today’s market.

Similarly, Jim’s client-focused approach has led him to pursue processes and practices that support trusted, best-in-class QC and diligence results. Maxwell Diligence, for instance, relies on the expertise of 100% onshore talent that leverages Maxwell’s technology enabled platform to produce reliable outcomes. This onshore approach, backed by robust training and employee support, is unusual in an industry that often chases low-cost, offshore options when it comes to diligence.

“Quality, speed, and reliability are non-negotiable when it comes to QC and due diligence,” said Jim. “In each of our client interactions, we aim to stand out not only through the measurable results we produce, but with the responsive, proactive service we offer.”

Built for today’s market challenges

Today, Maxwell Diligence is one of Maxwell’s fastest growing solutions, thanks in part to Jim’s leadership. Acting as a third-party review provider for investors and sellers and approved by all five agencies, Maxwell Diligence adjusts to lenders’ unique needs, from scope to reporting. By leveraging leading technology, it works to streamline the process and reduce costs, with one-hour response times, 48 hours for initial reviews, and 24 hours to clear conditions.

Looking forward, Jim plans to continue honing Maxwell Diligence to meet lender needs in today’s evolving market.

“As profitability remains a challenge for lenders nationwide, accessing cost savings and efficiency at each step of the mortgage process is increasingly vital,” commented Jim. “At Maxwell, we’re committed to helping the lenders on our platform optimize their financial positions, from point of sale to QC/due diligence and beyond.”

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