Maxwell Named to HousingWire’s Tech100 List for Fourth Straight Year

On March 2, HousingWire revealed the winners of its eighth-annual HW Tech100 awards recognizing the most innovative technology companies in the U.S. housing economy. We’re delighted to announce that Maxwell has been selected for the HW Tech 100 list for the fourth year in a row.

The Tech100 Mortgage list was designed to offer housing professionals with a definitive list of the most innovative and impactful companies tackling the problems that mortgage and real estate professionals face every day.

This year, due to the expanding technology landscape, HousingWire split its Tech100 list up into two sections — the HW Tech 100 Mortgage and HW Tech100 Real Estate lists:

“HousingWire’s motto for 2020 is growth through focus. With that lens, the Tech100 program underwent mitosis and emerged as two highly focused awards — Tech100 Real Estate and Tech100 Mortgage. While collaboration between real estate and mortgage professionals has never been higher, the tools and solutions that empower these professionals to excel are often entirely different,” said HousingWire CEO Clayton Collins.

“The winners of the 2020 HousingWire Tech100 Mortgage and Real Estate awards are truly the most impactful and innovative companies in housing. Not only do these companies empower their clients and users, they are supporting a more efficient, accessible and sustainable housing economy.”

Maxwell is committed to empowering loan officers and mortgage professionals to elevate their workflow and streamline their processes to give them more face time with borrowers for a more personal, impactful mortgage experience.

Our selection to the HW Tech100 Mortgage list is further confirmation that our efforts are being recognized in the mortgage space and we’re so pleased to be include alongside other innovators actively changing the mortgage landscape as we know it.

“This year’s Tech100 winners blew past innovation, moving beyond innovation to transformation,” HousingWire Associate Magazine Editor Kelsey Ramírez said. “In both the real estate and mortgage sectors, fintech companies continue to create new ways to approach the housing process, improving efficiencies, cutting costs and creating a new experience for all parties involved.”

To learn more about Maxwell, visit our website at To read more about this year’s HW Tech100 Mortgage and HW Tech100 Real Estate lists, visit HousingWire for more information.

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