Introducing Maxwell’s New Credit Integration with Meridian Link™

Savvy lenders need to be able to manage their loans in any location and on any devices. If you’re out and about, having to pause your day to run back to the office to pull a credit report can seriously impact your efficiency (and likely your mood).

At Maxwell, we’re all about enabling our lenders to better serve their borrowers. That’s why we’re proud to announce our exciting new partnership with MeridianLink™.


Our new credit integration allows Maxwell lenders to pull credit from over 31 credit reporting agencies without ever leaving Maxwell (even if you’re using Maxwell on your phone). And even better, we’ll be adding more CRAs in the near future!


It’s important to us to help improve lender efficiency so loan officers can focus on building meaningful borrower and real estate agent relationships, rather than devoting too much of their precious time to administrative tasks.

Our best-in-class engineering team is strategic and thoughtful with integrations so that our lenders have access to all the technology that is so crucial to their mortgage process. From LOS providers and verification services to credit providers to e-sign vendors, our integrations enable the lenders in Maxwell to spend more time with people, not paper.

To learn more about our new credit integration with MeridianLink, request a personal demo at or simply click the link below ?




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