Introducing Maxwell’s LoanNotes™ Feature and the Newly Enhanced FileFetch™

We all know that mortgage is a team sport and collaboration is the key to success in our industry. So, to further the speed and efficiency with which you collaborate across your teams, we created LoanNotes™. 

Within every loan, you will have an instant chat and notification screen that gives you a way to communicate with your internal team and leave notes/comments on the file that are only accessible to the lending team. Notes are only shared within the lending team and not visible to the borrowers or coborrrowers.

You can also attach documents to notes shared between your team via LoanNotes. To manage the “Tasks” for the borrowers, you can access that using the “Tasks” tab or click on the tasks link from your Pipeline/Dashboard. 

Best of all, LoanNotes are instant! So if someone sends you a note while you’re already in a loan file, you will see the note appear instantly on your screen.

Meet the Newly Enhanced FileFetch™

We’ve also revamped our FileFetch™ feature which allows borrowers to import documents like mortgage statements, tax returns, paystubs, bank statements. Borrowers simply log into their chosen institution to securely and automatically bring over all relevant documents directly from the source.

The latest improvements have expanded coverage to over 1,100 financial institutions, which is a 450% increase! 

The new FileFetch offers an improved borrower experience that is more intuitive and easy to use (reach out to your CSM if you would like more information). These improvements also provide more reliability, with a higher success rate for connecting bank accounts. If you don’t want to chase down bank statements, suggest FileFetch™ to your customers!

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