Introducing FlexLetters™: Pre-Approval & Pre-Qualification Letters Made Easy

At Maxwell, we know that the mortgage business is a people business—that is, the success of mortgage lenders relies on their ability to a) delight borrowers going through the mortgage process and b) build fruitful and long-stand referral relationships with real estate agents on the other side of the process.

Though Maxwell’s digital mortgage platform was built primarily for mortgage lenders, we quickly realized that real estate agents were sorely lacking digital technology that could enhance their efficiency and extend their value to their clients.

For mortgage lenders and real estate agents alike, success is often contingent on beating the clock. Time is of the essence, and a delayed pre-qual or pre-approval can mean the difference between winning your client’s business (and the business of their family and friends down the road) and losing the deal to a nimble competitor.

So we put our heads together and created FlexLetters™, which allows lenders to easily issue and manage pre-approval and pre-qualification letters, giving real estate agents the power to adjust the  value per their clients’ needs, from anywhere and on any device.

FlexLetter help both loan officer and real estate agent to be more efficient, ensuring that the lender is adding value for both the agent and the borrower. In a purchase-heavy market, that could be your key to opening the agent referral floodgates.

To learn more about FlexLetters, click here.

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