How Mortgage Lenders Can Prepare to Survive an Economic Recession

It seems every second article you read these days foreshadows our imminent economic demise. This onslaught of recession-focused think pieces seem like an overreaction, but if we learned anything from our recent past, it’s that we’d be foolish to ignore the economic red flags in front of us. 

Stock markets are skittish, the yield curve has inverted, the student loan debt burden has more than doubled (to $1.5T) since the last recession, and mounting geopolitical tension is increasingly impacting the economy. 

A new survey of economists found that three in four economists now believe we will tip into a recession by 2021; some believe we will see a recession as early as 2020.

Regardless of specific timing, it’s clear that it’s less a matter of if we’ll see a recession soon and more a matter of when we’ll start to feel the impact.

Luckily, we’re better equipped as an industry to handle a recession this time around. And with the right preparation, mortgage lenders can mitigate the negative impact of a forthcoming recession and come out on top when the market rights itself.  Check out our economic recession quick guide below to learn 9 ways mortgage lenders can prepare to survive (or even thrive) in an economic recession: 


To download the PDF, click here: “9 Ways Lenders Can Prepare for an Economic Recession.”



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