Introducing Our Newly Enhanced The Work Number® Integration for Seamless Verification of Income & Employment

Maxwell is pleased to announce our newly enhanced integration with The Work Number® by Equifax for seamless Verification of Income (VOI) and Verification of Employment (VOE). The Work Number helps lenders in Maxwell expedite the VOE/VOI process for strong efficiency gains.

WorkNumber auto-populates borrow info based on their input from the loan application, collects verification consent from the consumer, and then delivers VOE/VOI results from The Work Number in just a few seconds.

If there is no hit from The Work Number database, Maxwell can be configured to automatically waterfall to manual verification.

the work number

Once the VOI/VOE results are ready, they are delivered directly into Maxwell.

This integration with The Work Number gives lenders a seamless way to manage VOI/VOE ordering to reduce borrower friction and speed up the underwriting process. Best of all, if you’re a current customer of The Work Number, you can use this integration free of charge.

For questions about The Work Number & VOE/VOI capabilities in Maxwell, email

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