[eBook] Winning Agent Business: The Lender’s Guide to a Strong Network

With digital technology rapidly becoming a mainstay in the mortgage industry, it would seem that the mortgage process is being reinvented. And yet, the mortgage process is still rooted in tradition—or, at least, in the traditional reliance on face-to-face connections and longstanding relationships.

As a mortgage lender, your reputation precedes you. How you build that reputation can be the factor that dictates your success.


In this complex, purchase-heavy market, a steady stream of referrals means the difference between standing out as a top performing and being at the bottom of the pack—a precarious place to be in this macro-environment of margin compression.


Real estate agents still hold the keys to the referral kingdom, so to speak. However, the top agents that would be most meaningful to your revenue may not be ready to partner with a new loan officer for collaboration.


We wanted to take a walk in the shoes of an agent to better understand the state of relationships that exist between lenders and real estate agents, so we interviewed agents and broker-owners across the country to get their perspective and dissect the implications for mortgage lenders.


We’ve compiled the best of these interviews in this eBook to give you insight into the agent’s mind and to provide helpful tips and advice so you can break through to new, more meaningful referral relationships.


winning agent business

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