[eBook] Lend from Home: Practical Tips for Remote Mortgage Teams

2019 was a wild ride for mortgage lenders, full of unexpected market conditions and a refi boom that no one anticipated. And then along came 2020, followed closely on its heels by COVID-19, which has thoroughly turned our industry and, indeed, our world upside down.

Our marketing team has been talking heavily about what our content should look like during this period of time — there’s nothing worse than getting drilled with emails from companies trying to capitalize on a global pandemic to sell you their products. I firmly believe that our content shouldn’t be used as a sales ploy even in the best of times, so fear not: this eBook won’t hit you over the head with a sales pitch.

Rather, I’m most concerned with bringing you an eBook that can provide a much-needed source of respite (however fleeting) during this time characterized by so much fear and anxiety.

In my experience, the best weapon I’ve found to combat anxiety is knowledge. What follows is the best, most comprehensive information I could gather about how COVID-19 is changing the mortgage industry as we know it, how lending managers can smooth their team’s transition into working from home, and tips & tricks that all of us can use to put our best (virtual) foot forward as we adjust to working from home for the foreseeable future

If your team is still adjusting to working remotely, you’re not alone. According to remote work strategist Laurel Farrer, it typically takes six to 12 weeks for a smooth transition from on-site to remote work. Farrer, the CEO of Connecticut-based Distribute Consulting, points out that companies are having to make an instantaneous leap into remote work and improvise their way through the adjustment. Thus, she says, it’s only natural that newly remote companies will have to troubleshoot some obstacles as they adjust, whether it’s managing equipment shortages and cybersecurity issues or training employees on new communication & collaboration platforms.

Whether you’re looking to smooth your team’s adjustment to remote work or just pick up some helpful tips to improve your productivity on an individual level, our eBook can help. Check out “Lend from Home: Practical Tips for Remote Mortgage Teams”for some actionable advice. The eBook is totally free, no form to fill out. Just click the link here to download directly.




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