[Customer Testimonial] Credit Union of Colorado Increases Customer NPS by 25% within 2 Mo. of Launching Maxwell

Here at Maxwell, we try to be pretty hands-off on our blog and in our content when it comes to talking about our product. That’s because we want our content to be valuable to mortgage lenders writ large, not just lenders who would be a good fit for our product.

However, it’s important to occasionally take a moment to toot our own horn because the reality is that we’ve worked hard building a product that makes our customers happy, and so when we achieve that goal, we want to be able to celebrate that accomplishment.

One such win came from our customer, Credit Union of Colorado. Read on to learn about what Credit Union of Colorado was looking for in a technology partner, why they ultimately selected Maxwell, and how quickly they saw positive results after implementation.


  • Modernize the mortgage experience for members, representing CU of Colorado’s forward-thinking brand
  • Increase mortgage loan application conversion and pull-through rates
  • Improve digital collaboration and communication with lenders



The mortgage team at Credit Union of Colorado uses Maxwell to manage members through the loan experience, seamlessly taking advantage of tools like Maxwell’s text notification and condition management capabilities. Credit Union of Colorado has found products like FlexLetters to empower real estate agents with the ability to generate pre-approval letters up to a specified purchase price.

“Our focus on innovation has helped to enhance our member experience and Maxwell has been an amazing partner on this journey. Since launch, our customer NPS has gone from 72 to over 90.” — Michael Kenneth Sawyer, Mortgage Operations Supervisor, Credit Union of Colorado

Favorite Features

  • Secure document upload
  • FlexLetters
  • Text notifications

Real Results

Maxwell enables community lenders and mid-size independent lenders to transform the mortgage experience, delivering the digital mortgage experience their customers and real estate partners expect. The platform handles time-consuming, administrative processes, enabling the loan to close faster, with a beautiful digital platform that elevates the lender’s brand. Knowing that these lenders rely on their client services and reputation, Maxwell builds a relationship of trust and partnership as early as onboarding.

“This is how we’re going to be seen and experienced by our members and agent partners, so understandably our team was afraid they were giving up control of some of the interactions with members,” said Michael Kenneth Sawyer, mortgage operations supervisor at Credit Union of Colorado. “The reality was far different! Maxwell has taken our relationships during the loan process to a whole new level.”

Maxwell has become an integral part of how the Credit Union of Colorado mortgage team delivers service to their members. Michael knows what all good teams do: you have to deliver an incredible customer experience that will drive referrals, as shown by a high Net Promoter Score for business.


To learn more about Maxwell, email meetmax@himaxwell.com or schedule a demo here to see Maxwell in action.

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