2023 HousingWire Vanguard: Maxwell Co-founder & CTO Rutul Davé

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Maxwell Co-founder & CTO Rutul Davé has been named a 2023 HousingWire Vanguard. The Vanguard program recognizes C-level industry professionals and business leaders who have become housing and mortgage experts and whose leadership helps to move the industry forward.

An expert in machine learning, AI, data, and automation, Rutul co-founded Maxwell to develop state-of-the-art technology that helps lending teams eliminate costs, offset risk, and increase access to more diverse capital. These benefits are instrumental to providing a crucial edge in any market cycle—and especially in the current economic environment.

“I see my role at Maxwell as being able to leverage the power of technology to boost efficiency, bring down costs, and increase margins so the lenders on our platform can better serve their communities,” says Rutul.

Technology to empower mortgage professionals

Amidst Fed rate hikes and a housing supply crisis, lenders today face tight margins, low loan volume, and high interest rates. Rutul believes technology that empowers, not replaces, humans is crucial to lenders’ survival, eliminating tedious tasks and bottlenecks so lending teams can focus on finding new leads, expanding business streams, and offering their customers a high-quality mortgage experience.

Over the past year, Rutul has worked closely with engineering and mortgage teams to build out Maxwell’s suite of embedded, innovative solutions that tackle the real challenges facing lenders in the current housing market cycle. Most recently, his focus has centered on developing applications of AI, including Maxwell’s AI-powered letters of explanation feature, which enables a better borrower experience and smoother flow of communication between lender and borrower.

“With the use of AI, we’re looking to enhance mortgage professionals’ abilities to perform in their roles,” says Rutul. “AI has the potential to serve as a valuable copilot within lending businesses, improving efficiency and helping lenders deliver a personalized process to their borrowers.”

Innovation built for market challenges of today (and tomorrow)

With projects like these, Rutul works to infuse a forward-thinking spirit of innovation into the Maxwell culture. This spirit drives a product roadmap that ensures lenders on the Maxwell platform have access to leading solutions that leverage cutting edge technology, ultimately helping them stay ahead of their competition and fast-moving market conditions.

“For a tech company, the CTO is the heart of the business,” says Maxwell Co-founder & CEO John Paasonen. “Rutul gives our organization life, ensures we’re generating and executing on new ideas and innovations, and is the connection between the needs of our industry and how our technology delivers to those needs. Today, the mortgage industry is met with more technology options ever. Rutul has built Maxwell to simplify the answer for lenders: Every day, he helps to ensure our technology is the best choice for lenders looking to optimize their businesses.”

Want to learn more about Maxwell’s forward-looking technology? Click here to schedule a meeting with our team.

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