Ep 037: What’s Really Causing Housing Market Woes (& What It’ll Take for Conditions to Stabilize)

With Alan Parris freshly back from sabbatical, the Clear to Close team dives into the topic on everyone’s minds: housing market challenges. While it’s easy to point fingers and ascribe blame at times like these, the truth is that the forces driving today’s conditions are varied and complex. In this conversation, we dig into a few of the factors keeping rates high, inventory stifled, and volume low—and talk through what it will take to turn the corner.

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • The unique aspects of today’s higher-rate environment
  • How Barclay’s recent article blaming Boomers for the housing inventory shortage gets it wrong
  • The economic shifts needed to drive rates down
  • How the coming election year might impact the housing market and the mortgage industry

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