Ep 035: The Future of AI in Mortgage (ft. Maxwell Co-founder & CTO Rutul Davé)

Artificial intelligence: Is it the efficiency-driving copilot you’ve been waiting for or an increasingly intelligent force vying for your job? To move past polarizing headlines and unpack the truth, we spoke with someone who lives and breathes technology: Maxwell Co-founder & CTO Rutul Davé. In this episode, Rutul breaks down the implications of AI in the mortgage industry in an approachable, easy-to-understand way to help lending professionals understand the best uses cases, opportunities, and limitations of this rapidly-growing technology.

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • How ChatGPT-4 and generative AI differ from past artificial intelligence—and why those differences make it far more useful across so many industries
  • Ways generative AI can be applied in the mortgage industry to improve efficiency, margins, and borrower experience
  • Why humans will continue to serve a vital role in mortgage, even as AI is integrated
  • Steps lenders should take now to ensure they get the most out of AI’s capabilities

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