Ep 034: SVB Fallout, Fed Rate Pause & How NOT to Pursue Mortgage Leads (Even if You’re Desperate)

Between fallout from Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, the latest Fed announcement, and more news of stubborn inflation, there’s plenty of economic drama continuing to unfold. The question on every lender’s mind is: Has the market finally bottomed out?

In our new Clear to Close episode, the Maxwell team is back to discuss the industry’s biggest happenings and forecasts for the remainder of 2023, including how hosts Alan, Bryan, and AI think loan volume may trend if rates stay near 7%.

Tune into this episode to unpack:

  • The continued impact local lenders will see from SVB—and why close relationships with customers are especially critical to survival during this time
  • How higher-than-predicted rates could affect home prices and purchase volume in the second half of 2023
  • Lack of housing affordability and the role lenders can play in solving this persistent issue
  • Bryan’s recent experience as a home buyer (hint: he received 100 calls in a day) and what it can teach lenders about what not to do to fill their pipelines with leads

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