Ep 033: How to Connect with Hispanic Borrowers & Improve Homeownership Access (with Laura Arce, SVP of UnidosUS)

Hispanic and Latino populations are an integral, growing part of American communities and a rising force in U.S. homeownership. Still, many Spanish-speaking borrowers struggle with the financial, logistical, and readiness challenges related to home buying. In our latest conversation on Clear to Close, we sit down with an expert on the topic: Laura Arce. With tenure in public policy and housing policy at Wells Fargo and the Federal Housing Finance Authority (FHFA), Laura now serves as SVP of UnidosUS, a nonprofit dedicated to building a positive economic trajectory for Latinos through homeownership.

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • How Laura’s family story, including her parents’ journey to homeownership, inspired a career dedicated to financial literacy and improved access to mortgage lending
  • The 4 pillars of homeownership accessibility: readiness, credit access, affordable housing supply, and generational homeownership preservation
  • Proven ways lenders can support borrowers in each of these areas
  • How to better connect with growing Hispanic and Latino borrower audiences

Want to get involved with UnidosUS? Click here to learn more about how to support housing and financial empowerment.

Want to learn more about connecting with growing Hispanic American borrower audiences? Download our 2023 Hispanic American Borrower Report now.

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