Ep 032: 2023’s Mortgage Market: Reasons for Optimism or False Hope?

Two and a half months into 2023, the question on every lender’s mind is: Are we seeing real signs of market recovery? Headline after headline announces the moderation of rates and the beginnings of volume returning. Still, challenges remain, and in many ways, the trajectory of the market continues to be uncertain. So, what lies ahead for lenders, and how can they plan for likely outcomes?

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • Lender sentiment coming out of recent mortgage industry events, such as IMB 2023
  • Why there’s reason to believe rates will land closer to 5% this year
  • How supply issues might put a damper on market growth possibilities
  • Elements of volatility that still exist, including layoffs, geopolitical strife, and lack of affordability
  • A discussion on whether we’re currently seeing a soft landing
  • What 2023’s spring selling season may bring
  • How lenders are shaping strategy around today’s most important leading indicators

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