Ep 027: How to Channel Learnings from Zillow into Building a Top Borrower Experience (with Bryan Mecsey, Maxwell VP of Sales)

Boasting 200 million monthly users, real estate tech giant Zillow is only becoming a stronger competitive force as it expands its presence in the mortgage lending space. In the face of this trend, local lenders have a choice: they can ignore the growing threat or they can bolster their competitive advantages and learn from Zillow’s actions. In this episode, we sit down with Bryan Mecsey, Maxwell’s VP of Sales and former Zillow employee, to chat about how tech giants have succeeded, where they’ve fallen short, and how local lenders can leverage that insight to create a competitive borrower experience (no massive tech or marketing budget required). Tune in for forward-thinking insights that will help you build a moat around your lending business despite rising competition.

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