Ep 025: How to Prepare for Rising Mortgage Rates and Economic Volatility

Global unrest, Fed rate hikes, and economic volatility: There’s no shortage of topics to discuss in the latest Clear to Close episode, where we’re joined again by Maxwell Solutions Director Anthony Ianni. As a 33-year mortgage veteran, Anthony knows that now is the time for lenders to revamp their strategies, go back to basics, and gear up for a rising rate environment.

In this episode, we discuss:

—How current market events, including Fed action and the war in Ukraine, are impacting lenders nationwide

—The macroeconomic forces that affect margin compression

—What lenders can do now to get ahead in light of today’s volatile market

—How to scrutinize your operations to discover hidden inefficiencies

—Why you should reimagine your product and channel mix

—How to think like an investors to increase your spread differential

Don’t miss this timely discussion on the most important market trends affecting lenders today.

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