Ep 013: Becoming a Go-to Lender for New Homebuyers (Ft. Kristin Messerli, Founder Cultural Outreach)

On this episode, we sit down with Kristin Messerli, Founder of Cultural Outreach and next gen homebuyer guru. She recently released her insightful Next Gen Homebuyer Report, and today, we chat about its results and implications for lenders across the country. It’s long been theorized that millennials either aren’t interested in homeownership or lack the finances to make the purchase. In reality, this generation now represents the biggest cohort of home buyers—a trend only predicted to grow. Join us as we dispel the myths and dig into the truth about how millennials are approaching homebuying. From their buyer behaviors to their financial decisions during this year’s pandemic, there’s a lot to learn about this generation’s unique needs as first-time home buyers. By investing in this generation’s financial literacy and gaining their trust, lenders can hope to gain the business of the largest home-buying group in history. This is a timely conversation you won’t want to miss. Enjoy!

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