Maxwell’s Enhanced Loan Application: Built for Modern Borrowers & Lending Teams

Today’s homebuyers don’t just appreciate a modern, digital lending experience—they expect it. In fact, data shows that 59% of millennials and 70% of Gen Zs base their lending decision on a mobile-first offering, while 60% of borrowers aim to complete the entire loan application online. For lenders to capture and retain business, they need to meet constantly rising expectations for a streamlined lending process that’s easily accessible across devices.

Meanwhile, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, lenders need loan applications that deliver reliable loan packages and accurate data while requiring minimal borrower handholding. Now more than ever, lending teams require maximum efficiency—and an intuitive application process that guides borrowers through each step, only requests information pertinent to each borrower situation, and auto-fills required fields when possible is a powerful tool for freeing up LO time. By creating a better loan application experience, lending teams can get more applications completed faster, so they can focus on building relationships with more customers.

Boost productivity and improve borrower engagement

Maxwell’s new, enhanced loan application meets both borrower and lending team needs by adding helpful functionality that boosts productivity and improves borrower engagement. Now even easier for borrowers to complete, our new loan application accelerates the process while continuing to map perfectly to URLA and MISMO 3.4 standards.

Specifically, the enhanced Maxwell loan application’s new features include:

  • Mobile-first functionality: Adjusts to any device or screen size without requiring a download
  • Easy-to-consume sections: Simplifies lengthy forms into simple, bite-sized sections that are easier to fill and track progress on
  • More lending options: Offers dedicated templates for borrowers interested in HELOC and Home Equity Loans and eliminates confusing language around refinancing

Together, these enhancements help lending teams deliver a best-in-class, modern loan application experience, allowing them to compete with the largest industry players and wow even the most tech-savvy borrowers.

Geared to your lending needs

To deliver a borrower experience to specific homebuyer communities and fit the needs of unique lending teams, loan applications need to be customizable. That’s why our new loan app molds to your brand, with the ability to white label colors, logos, branding, and messages. Plus, templates can be configured to suit the tone and format of your lending business, including the option to add and re-order custom questions.

At the same time, the Maxwell loan application retains favorite features like QuickApply™, SmartTasks™, MPay™, and FlexLetters™ and won’t alter other aspects of the point of sale. That makes adoption of our new loan app easy and fast, whether you’re a current customer or just now adding Maxwell as a technology partner.

Want to see what our new loan application can do for your business? Click here to learn more about Maxwell Point of Sale, or schedule a call now.

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