Robust integrations to simplify your process

Maxwell integrations streamline your workflow, empowering your team to focus on high-value tasks.

LOS partners

We directly integrate with top LOS platforms to enable fully bi-directional synchronization of borrower data, loan milestones, and documents. Learn more.

Day 1 Certainty® verification partners

Our Verification Suite brings together Day 1 Certainty-approved suppliers to help originators and borrowers seamlessly complete verifications within Maxwell. Learn more.

Disclosure partners

Our disclosure management platform allows borrowers to securely access, review, and sign loan disclosure documents without leaving the Maxwell experience.

Pricing partners

Maxwell’s pricing integrations enable loan officers to run and save scenarios from within a borrower file, streamlining the process of reviewing, saving, and curating the best products for your borrowers.

Credit partners

Our credit integrations allow originators to pull credit reports from more than 35 credit reporting agencies directly from a loan file.

And many more.


Complete signatures electronically through our eSigning partners.

Insurance partners

Through our insurance partnerships, borrowers can shop for and compare home insurance plans, then automatically return the declaration page within Maxwell.