Maxwell Private Label Origination: A Single Partner to Build, Manage & Grow Your Lending Business

The lenders most likely to succeed in today’s fast-moving landscape are those able to quickly capitalize on changing market opportunity. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to unveil our latest solution: Maxwell Private Label Origination, a one-platform partner offering all the modern technology and infrastructure lenders need to build, manage, and grow their mortgage operations.

Maxwell Private Label Origination combines all of Maxwell’s a-la-carte solutions plus more to address the entire origination process, pulling together the technology, people, compliance, product, pricing, and capital markets experience required to achieve higher margins, better borrower satisfaction, and improved mortgage operations. Plus, Private Label Origination provides nationwide licensing covering over 84% of the U.S. population, with more added each day. 

“Our current solutions have greatly impacted the lenders serving America’s communities, helping them gain scale, save time, and grow margin,” said John Paasonen, Co-founder and CEO of Maxwell. “Maxwell Private Origination is the culmination of all of our solutions, allowing current and future mortgage lenders to sustainably launch and grow their mortgage operations, realizing the economics without the headaches and stresses of investment needs or regulation.” 

Launch new product and channel offerings simply and easily

Maxwell Private Label Origination comes at a crucial time in the mortgage market: With loan costs rising, margins compressing, and volume shrinking, lenders across the country are scrambling to bolster profitability. A major opportunity lies in launching new loan products to meet borrower demand and augment the bottom line. Still, many local lenders lack the resources, expertise, and operational capacity needed to launch new offerings quickly and are at a disadvantage in today’s market despite their pre-established relationships with communities that could benefit from these loan products.

With Maxwell Private Label Origination, local lenders—such as credit unions, community and private banks, neo-banks, real estate brokerages, and others—can expand their mortgage offerings to their customers by white-labeling Maxwell’s mortgage origination capabilities. Combining its digital mortgage software, tech-enabled fulfillment talent, and capital markets capabilities, Maxwell now enables these businesses to launch fully branded mortgage origination for all their mortgages or quickly add a new channel or product, such as a wholesale channel or HELOC products.

That means that even as the mortgage market resets to a new normal, institutions with Maxwell Private Label Origination can expand their access to the large opportunity presented by the mortgage origination market, set to reach $2.5 trillion in 2022.

Want to learn how Maxwell Private Label Origination can help your business capitalize on market opportunity? Click here to learn more, or schedule a call today.

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