Maxwell + LendingQB Reimagine Mortgages Together

A month ago, we launched our beta integration with LendingQB, one of the leading loan origination systems. And today I’m delighted to announce the official roll-out. The LOS is a mission-critical system for most lenders, managing their internal workflows and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulation. LendingQB has a market-leading API that enables partners, like Maxwell’s digital mortgage experience, to deeply embed applications into a mortgage lender’s workflow so data can move seamlessly between platforms. Like us, LendingQB believes that each mortgage lender should have the ability to seamlessly knit together the experience that best represents its brand to its clients and its employees.

Open platforms, like LendingQB and Maxwell, are central to the future of the mortgage industry. Unlike closed platforms that assert their solutions are best, attempting to extract maximum value from customers, open ecosystems recognize that putting the customer in control is the best recipe for a long-term, healthy relationship.

In the 1990s, Microsoft pioneered the theory that opening up its operating system to allow other experiences to share would be its path to scale. Apple did much the same with its new iPhone, quickly surpassing other smartphones as the leading platform for new apps. And Google’s Android went even farther, making it today the single largest smartphone operating system. As these ecosystems attest, a better experience, at scale, is made stronger as partners work together to grow.

Maxwell is the mortgage experience platform. We work with hundreds of lenders across the United States to deliver a front-end digital experience to their borrowers and their teams, ensuring data integrity throughout the transaction. With our open API, lenders can embed Maxwell seamlessly into their workflows, especially with LOS platforms that provide APIs or modern SDK frameworks. This allows documents and data to flow between the two systems and enables Maxwell to keep external stakeholders in the mortgage informed about progress. Our API connection to an LOS will support:

  • Exchange of loan application data and creation of new leads and loans
  • Synchronization of borrower documents on demand
  • Loan status and milestone updates
  • Continuous refresh of loan data through mortgage process
  • Triage of loan conditions as assigned
  • Dynamic assignment of team members and other collaborators on loan files

Best of all, each partner plays to their strengths for the benefit of the mortgage process. As Maxwell has driven down time to underwriting submission by 45%, LendingQB and other LOS integrations ensure it is done in compliance with regulation.

With Maxwell and LendingQB, we’re stronger together.

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