Introducing Maxwell Diligence: A Tech-Powered Due Diligence & Quality Control Solution for Lenders

Here at Maxwell, we’re on a quest to create a complete solution for lenders. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the latest offering in this pursuit: Maxwell Diligence.

Providing due diligence and quality control services to lenders, Maxwell Diligence is a new scalable way to gain efficiency and generate high quality results. This offering uses tech-powered features coupled with an experienced team of industry veterans to save you time and money across due diligence and pre- and post-close QC.

Maxwell Diligence features

Through Maxwell Diligence, lenders on our platform can access a better future-looking experience for due diligence and QC. We help you increase efficiency and your bottom line with features like:

—Fully customizable services from scope to reporting

—Appraisal and field review

—Employment reverification

—Detailed reporting and metrics

You’ll also benefit from deep industry expertise. Lenders using the service gain access to our dedicated staff of seasoned underwriting professionals with a diverse background of loan experience.

Beyond a point-of-sale

Maxwell Diligence is the latest addition to our set of offerings that help community lenders gain efficiency. We’ve learned from applying technology to other parts of the mortgage process, including fulfillment. By applying these learnings to due diligence and QC services, Maxwell is able to offer a more transparent, efficient, and faster workflow.

“The launch of Maxwell Diligence is a significant step towards an all-inclusive solution for community lenders,” said Maxwell President Brian Simons. “Maxwell continues to grow beyond a point-of-sale, anticipating and solving the daily challenges lenders on our platform face. Maxwell Diligence will serve as a major value-add, using automation to help lending teams focus on higher-value tasks.”

The Maxwell Diligence service is spearheaded by some of the industry’s most tenured leadership. Sadie Gurley, a veteran with over 25 years of experience managing residential mortgage platforms and recent addition to our team, will help to head up the new offering. Alongside her is Kyle Waltz, a digital risk expert joining us from SourcePoint. Together, the MaxDiligence leadership team holds over 75 years of mortgage operational experience.

To learn more about the Maxwell Diligence service, click here.

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