8 Ways to Get Organized for 2018


8 steps loan officers can take during the fall to plan ahead for a great 2018.

There’s a problem with New Year’s resolutions. According to a commonly cited statistic, only 8% of people actually keep them! If you don’t quite stick to your plan of cutting down on coffee or going to the gym more often, that’s not such a big deal. But when your goals for 2018 are centered on your mortgage business, following through with them is essential.

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Here’s our list of eight things mortgage industry professionals can do this fall to get organized ahead of 2018.

1. Review 2017 with your team members

With this year winding down, take the time to look back on successes as well as opportunities for improvement. In addition to the formal end of year review for advancement purposes, which your team will likely go through in Q1 2018, this should be a separate and more casual conversation. It can be helpful to do this both as a team and on an individual level with each loan officer, LOA, and processor.

2. Set informed goals for 2018

Set loan-closing goals for this year that are challenging, but doable. Adding technology to your process today make it easier to set informed goals by providing you with custom reports that highlight individual performance.

3. Evaluate your group’s efficiency

If you haven’t gone digital, you’re officially behind! Have you introduced an automated mortgage process? What about digital document pulls? These tools can save lenders major time on each mortgage process, and a faster loan closing = happier customers.

4. Increase engagement with potential clients.

Social media, community events, working with real estate referral partners — there are lots of ways to connect with potential homebuyers. Are you taking advantage of all of your opportunities?

5. Continue or introduce communication with former customers.

Keeping your former borrowers engaged is a great way to get referrals, or repeat customers. Stay on their radar is by providing frequent content, via e-newsletters or blog posts.

6. Focus on employee retention.

At the end of Q4 is when loan officers are most likely to be considering career moves. Keep retention strong by making your team a priority. Make sure you’re giving them all the tools and technology they need to be successful with you.

7. …And start thinking about recruiting.

Now is the time to focus on recruiting, particularly of millennials considering joining the mortgage industry. New loan officers are looking to join a team that offers learning and growth opportunities, utilizes the latest mortgage technology, and has a top-notch reputation with clients.

8. Do a data security check.

Last, but certainly not least, take a second to ask yourself: when was the last time I re-evaluated data security? It’s a hot topic we’ve heard about all too frequently over the past year, and a huge pain point for potential homebuyers with concerns about the mortgage process. To ensure the utmost protection, rely on a system like the cloud storage with Maxwell that offers bank-grade security and the option for two-factor authentication. Don’t let 2018 be the year you have a breach!

Download Your Free eBook: “5 Things to do For 2018”

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