LOS Integrations

LOS integrations that drive efficiency

Our direct integrations with top LOS platforms enable fully bi-directional synchronization of borrower data, loan milestones, disclosures, and documents.

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Simplify your lending team’s day

Your LOS plays a vital role in your process. We work with leading LOS platforms to create a seamless flow of data and information. That means your team can spend more time in Maxwell, streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency.

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Borrower data

Access borrower application data from your LOS securely through Maxwell.

Loan milestones

Maintain accurate, up-to-date information about all of your loans in Maxwell by easily syncing your LOS to our platform.


Retrieve any documents collected in Maxwell within folders in your LOS. All documentation is sent directly between the platforms.


Retain your standard workflow to initiate disclosures, alleviating concerns from your operations teams and improving compliance while giving borrowers Maxwell’s seamless experience.


If your LOS doesn’t have an API, you can export all information and documents in Maxwell via a FannieMae 3.2 file and import them directly into your LOS.

Quality partners

Maxwell partners with leading LOS platforms to ensure the highest integration quality possible. We continually evaluate and create new partnerships.