Pre-approval and pre-qualification letters made easy

A delayed pre-qualification or pre-approval can mean the difference between winning your client’s business and losing the deal. We designed FlexLetters to give real estate agents the power to adjust the value to their clients’ needs right from their mobile phone.

A man smiling and interacting with his phone.
Stylized screenshot of the Maxwell app showing Create new pre-approval with the loan officer's name and information.


FlexLetters allows agents to easily issue and manage pre-approval and pre-qualification letters, even on a mobile device.

  • Create pre-approval letters directly from the borrower’s loan files, automatically pre-filling critical known fields for the borrower.
  • Pre-define a maximum loan amount to eliminate the risk of error, allowing the agent unlimited edits up to the maximum amount.
  • Manage multiple templates for pre-approval letters for quick, easy access.
  • Offer your borrower’s agent a mobile-first design for quick pricing edits, eliminating requests for new letters.
  • Track when letters are edited, downloaded, or shared by your borrowers or their agents.