Mortgage Industry Voter’s Guide 2020

Our goal with this ebook is to put rigorously researched information into your hands—information sourced from reputable publications that will give you a clear picture of how either election outcome will likely affect housing, the mortgage industry, lending, and you in both personal and professional ways. Our hope is that this information in some small way helps to alleviate uncertainty surrounding an election with large implications during a year wracked with anxiety. 

This year’s candidates have clearly differing views on topics from the environment and social justice to healthcare and the COVID-19 pandemic. Those discrepancies hold true for economic issues, too—including varied plans that could change the landscape of mortgages, lending, and housing. And beyond the presidency, 2020’s election could have a far-reaching impact on nominations and state-level elected officials that could affect lenders and the mortgage industry.  

Let’s dig into how the November 3rd decision could play out in the U.S. housing market based on top research and what the candidates themselves have stated.

“Instead of speaking to the details of ending conservatorship, Biden has spent significant time painting a vision for housing in general, while ensuring that Fannie and Freddie would work to achieve those goals.”

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