Lend from Home

Like the rest of the world, you probably got a crash course in working from home in 2020. 

Still, ongoing remote work poses challenges to work culture, productivity, team cohesion, and employee wellness. Now is the time to proactively combat employee burnout and take full advantage of the benefits remote work offers. This guide will teach you how to help your team thrive in a work-from-home setting with actionable tips you can start implementing today.


  • 8 tips to retain company culture, increase productivity, and combat burnout
  • The 5 levels of remote teams
  • A list of time management and productivity tools
  • Concrete examples of companies that creatively engage their remote teams
  • How to create a dedicated workspace even in a small at-home environment

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“Think about how significant a 5x gain in productivity would be for your week. If you can find flow on Monday, conceivably, you could get as much done as your ‘steady state’ peers do in a full week.”

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