Ep 023: Using Processor Insight to Innovate Back-Office Technology (w/ Alex McEvans, Director of Product Management at Maxwell)

In today’s episode, we sit down with Alex McEvans, Director of Product Management at Maxwell, to discuss how technology can enhance back-office efficiency and create better margins for lenders. A fintech veteran, Alex understands the importance of building thoughtful solutions that truly benefit the people in the process. Using this mindset, Alex recently led the development of Maxwell’s newest solution, Processor Edge, a first-of-its-kind processing workflow technology that increases processor capacity and reduces costs by accelerating document review, streamlining communication, and detecting data discrepancies. To ensure the value of this solution, Alex spent hundreds of hours with some of the country’s best processors, learning their workflow, processes, and needs. He’s boiled those insights down into actionable takeaways that can help lenders hone their loan processing and unearth profitability. Enjoy!

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