Maxwell Acquires Digital Mortgage Lending Platform Revvin to Enhance Lenders’ Abilities to Combat Market Challenges

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve acquired Revvin, a digital mortgage lending platform focused on customer experience and streamlined workflows formerly known as MortgageHippo. With this acquisition, we’re furthering our commitment to point-of-sale technology that helps lenders combat market challenges, ultimately improving their bottom lines.

In the current market, lenders need effective technology more than ever—but as interest rates stagnate, loan volume lags, and lending costs creep, many providers are reducing their offerings. As they scale back their benefits or raise their prices, these providers further cut into lender profitability.

With the Revvin acquisition, we plan to do just the opposite: We’re doubling down on Maxwell innovation to help lenders become more resilient to the cyclical nature of the mortgage market. By joining Maxwell, Revvin will enhance our longterm focus of helping mortgage originators drive down costs, improve quality, and boost margins.

Technology built for today’s market

As the market begins to turn a corner and rates settle to a new normal, lenders will need technology that both wins borrower business and drives operational efficiency. Revvin has long focused on delivering top-quality lending experiences, both within front- and back-end workflows. This emphasis will dovetail with our mission of enhancing the entire mortgage origination process, from application to the secondary market.

“At a time when the housing market is contracting, we are further investing in improving the experience for clients using Maxwell’s origination infrastructure—all in the service of becoming a one-stop shop for lenders looking to deliver the best experience, product, and price to their clients and real estate agent partners,” says John Paasonen, Co-founder & CEO of Maxwell.

Delivering value for our lender partners

With the joining of Maxwell and Revvin, Maxwell customers will continue to access the leading technology and top industry service they’ve come to expect, while Revvin customers will gain access to Maxwell’s comprehensive suite of solutions and services.

“By joining Maxwell, we know we’re putting our current customers in the best position to thrive,” says Val Saportas, Co-founder & CEO of Revvin, who will continue in his role as CEO of Revvin, while also taking on a leadership role on Maxwell’s product team. “With access to Maxwell’s wide ecosystem of solutions and services, our customers will gain the tools they need to optimize each step of the mortgage process, helping them gain resilience no matter the market cycle.”

Our acquisition of Revvin marks our second this year. In May, we acquired LenderSelect Mortgage Group—a capital markets partner to community financial institutions throughout the eastern United States—which significantly broadened access to loan products at competitive prices in the secondary market. With each of these acquisitions, we’ve improved the value we offer our lender partners and advanced our mission of arming our customers with a financial advantage.

As we bring Revvin under the Maxwell umbrella, we look forward to continued growth and improvements to our range of technology and services. Throughout, we remain committed to a partnership-led approach, helping the lenders we serve to remain competitive regardless of challenges ahead.

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