Introducing Maxwell Business Intelligence: Actionable, Turnkey Reporting for Lenders

Forward-thinking mortgage lenders know that access to data is a powerful differentiator. Not only do data-driven insights allow for improved efficiency and reduced bottlenecks, but they reveal untapped opportunities for improvement within business operations, borrower experience, and more. As competition increases, accessing this valuable insight will only become more crucial to driving down costs, making savvy business decisions, and capitalizing on market opportunities.

Historically, though, small and midsize mortgage lenders have lacked the comprehensive data analysis available to larger lenders. Without robust internal analytics tools, these lenders typically settle for unscalable spreadsheet exercises, partial data imports that are difficult to analyze and reproduce, or expensive third party tools like Tableau that require significant resources to configure and deploy. The result is unmet reporting needs, where lenders reactively focus on origination problems instead of proactively leveraging data and insights to optimize their production and operations activities. 

Now more than ever, small and midsize lenders need out-of-the-box solutions that are quick to set up, don’t require specialized skills or new resources to deploy, and come at a cost that can be scaled based on the current volume of their originations. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer Maxwell Business Intelligence: a platform for mortgage leaders that seamlessly integrates with their existing infrastructure, identifies trends in team performance, and streamlines financial reporting. Unlike costly do-it-yourself solutions, Business Intelligence offers immediate, turnkey analytics at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an internal data infrastructure and team.

Turnkey reports designed for mortgage professionals

Unlike mortgage-specific reporting solutions constructed by mortgage reporting vendors, Maxwell Business Intelligence was designed by people who deeply understand the mortgage industry. Our team of tenured industry professionals not only built these reports for our lender customers, but we use them internally in the mortgage processing services we offer. This means Business Intelligence was created specifically for actionable, real-life applications.

Maxwell Business Intelligence automates data ingestion and aggregation from multiple sources, combining data from the loan origination system (LOS) with Maxwell Point of Sale without the configuration headaches and months-long onboarding process. Within the first week, managers and executives gain access to valuable insights into the performance of their organization. In subsequent weeks, managers and executives can dive into additional turnkey reports with their own data (and benchmarked data).

Business Intelligence is divided into reporting categories for Sales, Operations, and Finance, making it easy to find the right data by business unit:

Sales & Production Performance

Analyze your loan origination and production metrics over time to make informed decisions around forecasting, loan officer training, and borrower engagement. Gain access to reports for measuring loan application speed, pull-through, key turn times, and closed volume. Filter reports by time, product, or team member for an in-depth view into your sales performance.

Operational Performance

Unlock operations KPIs to maximize back-office efficiency, and intelligently deploy resources where needed. Maxwell Business Intelligence provides a real-time view into processing speed, loan file quality, processing capacity, and team utilization.

Financial Analysis

Understand the forces impacting your bottom-line loan financials. We’ve taken the work out of analyzing closing costs and tolerance cures, giving you a true understanding of your overall recognized gain or loss per loan.

Market & Industry Insights

Maxwell Business Intelligence leverages the scale of the Maxwell lending network to provide market insights, trends, and forecasting tools. Using the Market bundle, lenders can evaluate their current loan and borrower composition related to the market, allowing them to better allocate and track the impact of marketing dollars.

Together, these reports arm lending teams with the insight and analysis they need to hone efficiency, save costs, and align strategy to rising market opportunities. Looking for a solution that’s easy to use, doesn’t require additional support staff aside from manager and executive end users, and can be deployed in a matter of days? Maxwell Business Intelligence is available now as a standard or premium feature of our Point of Sale platform.

We’d love to chat about how Maxwell Business Intelligence can benefit your lending business. Click here to schedule a call with our team.

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