Hawaii Ranks #2 in net borrower migration: Key insights for mortgage lenders

In this exclusive report we use Maxwell Business Intelligence data to unpack migration trends in the state of Hawaii. Ranking #2 in net borrower migration compared to any other state, Hawaii provides opportunities for mortgage lenders look to grow their mortgage footprints.

Hawaii takes the #2 spot in highest inbound migration across the US

In this report, you’ll discover how to reach borrowers migrating to Hawaii with our exclusive insights, including:

  • Hawaii’s growth compared to other states
  • The top states people are migrating from 
  • Hotspots where people in Hawaii are settling, including city – and county-specific data

Hawaii’s growth compared to other states

The trends presented in this report are derived from borrower migration data. The map above illustrates the net growth or decline each U.S. state has experienced due to borrower migration since 2021. The figures are calculated by subtracting the total number of outbound borrowers (those moving out of the state) from the total number of inbound borrowers (those moving into the state), then dividing by each state’s 2023 U.S. Census population. These trends indicate which states are attracting more borrowers than they’re losing, highlighting growth potential and opportunities for lenders to expand their footprints in these regions.

With over 2,000 borrowers moving into Hawaii from another state and around 500 borrowers moving out of Hawaii to another state since 2021, Hawaii exhibits the second-highest growth percentage of any state, according to Maxwell Business Intelligence data.

This growth percentage considers population size so large states like California, Texas, and New York don’t skew the data. Hawaii’s positive migration growth highlights its increasing appeal and presents a growing opportunity for the region’s banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders to expand their customer base. As mortgage lenders seek to connect with buyers relocating to Hawaii, it’s crucial to understand their states of origin.

Migration by state: The top 5 states residents are relocating to Hawaii from

Maxwell Business Intelligence data reveals California as the primary source of new residents, with 631 borrowers moving into the state, or 48% of all borrowers. Following behind California is Washington which showed 182 borrowers, comprising 14% of the total. California and Washington made up the bulk of inbound borrowers since 2021. You can hover over the map within this report see the number of inbound borrowers from any state in the US.

These figures reveal the significance of both California and Washington residents migrating to Hawaii. As a mortgage lender seeking to reach more borrowers, targeting California and Washington residents showing intent to move to Hawaii could prove to be a worthwhile endeavor.

Mapping Hawaii’s migration: Where borrowers choose to settle

Maxwell’s data reveals the most popular cities and counties where new borrowers are choosing to establish their homes in Hawaii.

As a mortgage lender in Hawaii, understanding where new borrowers are settling allows you to tailor your marketing and outreach efforts more effectively. By focusing on the top cities and counties for inbound borrowers, you can develop targeted strategies to connect with potential clients seeking out these high-demand areas.

Charting the course forward

Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your mortgage business in Hawaii. With the right insights and strategies, you can make the most of this booming market and secure your place as a leading lender in the state.

Hawaii’s status as the state with the second-highest net borrower migration offers a significant opportunity for growth. By leveraging the comprehensive analytics in our report, you can connect with more borrowers and maximize your business potential.

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