Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification letters made easy.


For mortgage lenders and real estate agents alike, success is often contingent upon beating the clock. Time is of the essence, and a delayed pre-qual or pre-approval can mean the difference between winning your client’s business (and the business of their family and friends down the road) and losing the deal to a nimble competitor. 

That’s why we designed FlexLetters, which allows lenders to easily issue and manage pre-approval and pre-qualification letters, giving real estate agents the power to adjust the value per their clients’ needs, right from their mobile phone. 

  • Create pre-approval letters, directly from the borrower’s loan files, automatically pre-filling critical known fields for the borrower.
  • Pre-define a maximum loan amount to eliminate the risk of error on the agent’s edits, allowing unlimited edits up to the maximum amount.
  • Manage multiple templates for pre-approval letters for quick and easy access.
  • Mobile-first experience for quick pricing edits for your borrower’s agent, eliminating requests for new letters.
  • Track when letters are edited, downloaded, or shared by your borrowers or their agents.

Grow different than your competition.