Winning Agent Business

As a mortgage lender, you know real estate agents still hold the keys to the referral kingdom. So how can you break through to new, more meaningful relationships with this crucial segment?

To walk in the shoes of an agent, we interviewed dozens across the country. Then, we compiled the most valuable tips and advice into this ebook to help you build mutually beneficial partnerships based on agent feedback. Sharpen your competitive advantage and build a strong referral network to take advantage of today’s high-volume market with these tested tips!


  • The agent’s point of view (and why agents said “the vast majority” of loan officers failed to deliver on their promises)
  • 4 qualities agents value in their lending partner
  • 6 agent networking dos (and 4 don’ts)
  • Actionable ways to become the go-to lender for your market’s real estate agents

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“The mistake I see many mortgage reps make is the ‘attack’ for business. Before you can get reception on that level, you have to build credibility and trust.”

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